Bubblegummers Shoes
BubbleGummers Shoes for Kids:

Bubblegummers makes great shoes for kids of all ages. They make excellent shoes for babies learning to walk
as well as for your older more rambunctious little runners as they provide all the essentials to supports your childs
development: reliability, durability, comfort, arch and ankle support. Many parents ask themselves, should they kids shoes with or without laces.
This has been an ongoing point of contention with parents who firmly believe that a child should learn to tie his or her shoes at an early age. There's nothing wrong with that, but when your kid is first learning how to walk, laces are going to get in the way, get caught on things, cause accidental tripping and falling, and ultimately be more of a hindrance than anything else. But the above section advised against slip-ons, so what are we supposed to do?

The answer is Velcro, and Bubble Gummers makes great shoes for kids.

Velcro straps serve a number of purposes on kids' shoes. Firstly, they are easy to fasten, and adjust. This means that instead of tying laces as tightly as you can, or undoing jumbles of knots, you simply fasten the Velcro straps for a firm yet comfortable fit. Secondly, your kids will learn how to fasten and undo the Velcro themselves. This is a much needed step when they are ready to graduate to the “big time” of shoelaces and tying simple knots.

My kids have had several bubblegummers shoes made by bata. I totally recommend them for kids of all stages.